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I’ve met people who have left the church…

…because of dark and scary presentations of prophecy.

I’ve met others who don’t see why prophecy really even matters, because of dry presentations that focus on dates and timelines more than Jesus.

Still others don’t even know that a God exists, that He’s our father, or that He wants to live with them.

That has to change if we expect the final revival to begin.

It’s not just prophecy. It’s GOD’S STORY.

Nothing moves people the way that stories can, and prophecy is part of the larger story of the Great Controversy.

Without the surrounding story, prophecy remains in the realm of unimpactful, unrelated facts. Within the context of God’s story, prophecy becomes something simple, personal, and beautiful.

This has never been done before…

No one has told the story of prophecy in narrative films.

The benefit of this style is that when we see the way prophecy changed the lives of people like Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel, and John we see how it can change our lives, our worldview, and our picture of God.

For example, episode 1 introduces you to the dream of Daniel 2 through the perspective of Nebuchadnezzar, following the way the dream shifted his trust from himself to God.

Nebuchadnezzar got proof that someone is in control Above all this chaos, and today, from the same dream we can get undeniable proof that God exists and knows the future.

For someone who doesn’t believe in God, that is worldview shaking!

Our goal is to introduce people to Jesus through prophecy and to deepen the experience of those already familiar with Bible Prophecy.

Right now, Episode 1 is being funded by generous people like you! Help us get these films out to the world as quickly as possible, so that more people can discover God through Prophecy!

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