Transformative Power of Prayer


Embarking on a journey of faith often begins with a heartfelt plea to the Divine—a moment when uncertainty meets the quiet assurance of guidance. For Xiomara Perdomo, Assistant to the President for Mission, prayer became a compass during pivotal decisions, like choosing her career path amidst a sea of possibilities in college.

Through prayer, she found clarity and direction, ultimately leading to a fulfilling role where she impacts lives and shares the gospel. A dedicated member of the AYP Prayer Room community, Xiomara has experienced firsthand the profound impact of collective prayer on spiritual growth.

Speaker: Xiomara Perdomo, Assistant to the President for Mission

Xiomara Perdomo: For me. Uh it was choosing my career. I think that when I was in college, I wasn’t sure where to go towards what direction to go. I had so many options and I had so many things that interest me. So I prayed and I asked God to help me and he guided me in the right direction. And I think that uh I’m very happy where I am and uh it was God’s will because I do get to help people a lot and would, and also at times I do get to share the gospel, but I also get to see the immediate impact on people’s lives. And that’s something that I really wanted to um to witness, you know, having a job with a purpose and God made that happen for me.

Xiomara Perdomo: Being part of a prayer community strengthens you. I think that the AYP prayer community has given me uh the times that I’ve joined, I’ve witnessed the um the impact is made on my life in terms of strengthening my faith and hearing other people’s testimonies. You know, sometimes you feel like maybe God is not answering you or he is delaying the response, but you hear other people’s stories and you hear that sometimes you just have to trust the process, trust God. And maybe sometimes you don’t get what you want from God. But that’s because it’s according to his will and it, it is the best for you. But maybe in the moment you don’t realize. So being part of a YP community has helped me see that firsthand and I’m very grateful for it.

Xiomara Perdomo: There was a moment in my life where I was a little confused or maybe weak in faith. And that’s when I decided to join the prayer room. And when I did join, you know, I was asking God, please help me, you know, have more faith, help me understand what, how to pray or like how to be patient. And so I remember that in the prayer room, my answer was answered almost immediately because I heard other people’s stories, you know, and now, and it gave me that confidence of and certainty of trusting. And it’s like you have faith, uh you have to have faith and be willing to accept God’s answer, whether it’s not something you want or it is something you want to know that it is God’s will. And that’s the most important about putting God first is living according to his will.

Xiomara Perdomo: Being part of this prayer room. At times that I’ve joined, I’ve been able to feel God’s presence and that is something that has strengthened my faith because I feel um the worship, you know, with my fellow AYPers, I feel God’s presence when we pray. I, I feel uh very faithful, like my faith is being strengthened because of the community.

Xiomara Perdomo: One advice that I will give is to join a prayer room, joining the prayer room really um helps you have a community of prayer. You know. Um AYP also has uh different uh challenges, I guess would be the word where it’s like 100 days of prayer, 21 days of prayer and joining these communities uh or these uh events um wherever you are in whatever part of the world you are, it really helps you be part of something and it helps you strengthen your faith and I better your relationship with God because now you are being part of a community where they’re also helping you strengthen their relationship. So you’re in this together, you know, in community um does make an impact and I think that when it comes to seeking God, we shouldn’t be afraid to join communities or have other people help us uh build that relationship with God that we so much desire.

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