Jesus’ Plan for Resolving Conflict


I found myself living the dream job any computer science student aspires to have. I had recently started my first full-time job as a software developer in a Fortune 500 company that is similar to other big companies which have a beautiful campus and filled with sport facilities for employees to enjoy. Even though my position was as a temporary employee hired by a contractor, I was still allowed to partake in soccer games being held after office hours. One Thursday afternoon toward the end of a soccer game, I accidentally kicked the ball with great force in the wrong direction and hit a female player on her chest. I quickly apologize for the accident, made sure she was al- right, and that no injuries were involved.

It was a relief for me to know that my coworker was fine and that this unfortunate situation would be put to rest. Little I knew what was about to happen after the game ended and only a group of male players stayed around to talk. I was blindsided by one of the players asking me out loud if I would dare to engage in a sexually intimate relationship with the female player involved in the accident. As a Christian and firm believer in the biblical marriage principles, my negative response to his inappropriate question led to laughs and sexual slurs against me. I was mad and upset with my coworker and knew that I had to take action in order to assure this situation would not happen again.

I went home and prayed for guidance because I had a difficult decision to make. I could either report this person for sexual harassment, or I could attempt to talk one on one as Jesus recommended in Matthew 18:15, “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.” I decided to confront this person by email, and this resulted in him apologizing and thanking me for not escalating or involving other parties.

After my contract expired, I would not ever imagine that two years later, returning as a regular employee, this same per- son would hire me to work on his team as he considered me as having a character of high integrity and standing for what is right. Only then I was able to understand the fulfillment of God’s Word in Mathew 18:15 as He had paved the way for me to testify to what is right, but also to open doors in my professional career.

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