The Anointing and the Appointing


How to Work in the Wait. As an entrepreneur of three years, I can tell you that one of the things that no one seems to tell you about this journey is that once all the excitement wears down, you realize very quickly just how hard the journey might be. Of course, there are those once in a blue-moon stories you hear about how someone found their passion and struck gold instantly, but for most entrepreneurs, there is a grind to it.

I found myself wondering when my first business would make enough so I could afford to pay myself from my own business while keeping everything else afloat. This happens to be the question that circulates in the minds of those who find themselves yearning to break out and finally see some success and be rewarded for all their hard work. I remember the feeling I had when I made my first sale thinking that, FINALLY, I could be free. I remember my mind racing about all the other things that were suddenly possible and how I could travel the world, create time freedom for myself and my significant other, and change the world for all those coming behind me.

The next sale did not come for another three weeks. In those three weeks, I learned a few things about myself that reflected lessons I learned from David. Fifteen years passed between the time David was anointed and when he was appointed to be king. Just imagine knowing that you are supposed to be in charge of an entire kingdom and having to wait fifteen years before it was finally your turn. We hear of all the amazing things that David was able to accomplish, but the lesson that stuck with me was the commitment he had to give to the process. In those three weeks I learned just how committed I was to what God had called me to do. He never told me it would be easy, and He definitely did not tell me that I would find sudden success, but what I did find was the ability to trust God and prepare for the blessing that was to come.

Trust that God will see you through what He already declared over your life. Understand that this does not mean you will not be in crisis or that you will not be discouraged by your situation or others along the way. Understand that it may not even happen in your own time, and that is hard to hear, but know this, when God does bring it to reality, You will know that the journey was worth every bit of struggle, challenge, and growth. “The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in God protects you from that” (Proverbs 29:25, MSG).

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