Something Better


Nine months had passed since graduating college. My degree left me with a lot of options, but not much in terms of clarity. I was working as an intern at the time. When applying to jobs, I tried to consider my experience in specific subject matter gained during my college career while also looking at what might be a good fit.

With each application sent out, I was hopeful that I would find the right job. But to my dismay, not even one received the opportunity of an interview. Those months of job hunting encompassed tears and questions to God. Why was it that everything I thought I wanted was not working out?

The company I was interning at ended up asking me to apply for a position. I had already determined that I would not stay in the current job I was working in because it was not my passion. At the time, it felt like settling, but it was my only option. So in February of 2020, I ended up interviewing and receiving the job position.

Little did I know that God was working to provide for me during one of the strangest times of my life. Within weeks of starting my job, the United States had gone into quarantine lockdown from COVID-19. In a time when so many people did not have the luxury of having a job, I not only had a full-time position, but a stable one, unlike many positions I had applied for, and it provided for me all my needs.

Looking back, I am reminded of a song by Philippa Hanna called Something Better. In it, she says, “This is my something better. You brought it all together.” Our lives are our testimonies. I invite you to reflect on times when God has worked a situation not in your favor, but for what is best.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11, NKJV).

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