Sharing Christ Through Community


I am constantly inspired by stories of how God is working through AYP – both in the lives of Adventist young adults as well as our non-Adventist friends all around us. In a recent conversation with our Minneapolis Chapter coordinator, Gladys Saruchera, I was blessed to hear about the experiences of a young lady who found AYP through the internet and learned about the Adventist faith through organic friendships she created with AYPers.

Gladys shares that Angie, a non-Adventist young professional from Georgia, was planning to spent the summer in Minneapolis for an internship. As Angie was preparing to move to the Twin Cities, she did a Google search for a Christian young adult community, discovered AYP, and decided to check out a gathering upon relocating. She loved her first experience and decided to continue hanging out with the group. As she spent Sabbath afternoons with AYP Minneapolis, Angie made new friends and learned about the Adventist faith in the process.

At the end of the summer, when it was time for her to return to Georgia, Angie shared how thankful she was for the AYP community; she departed with a new group of Christ-focused young adult friends who had introduced Adventism to her and supported her faith journey despite being alone in a new city a thousand miles from home.

Friends, this experience reminds me that AYP is not only engaging Adventist young adults and inspiring them to serve in their local church, but it is planting new seeds for the Kingdom and directly introducing Jesus to young adults who might not otherwise step foot into an Adventist church. This month, I encourage you to let the global community of AYP equip you with the connections and resources you need – not to get comfortable as a follower of Christ – but to share Jesus’ love to each and every person you encounter.


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