Rise And Walk


A young girl named Gabrielle Harris was born four months early on October 30, 1992, entering this world at one pound and five ounces with little to no hope of being physically or mentally normal. To be more exact, her mother was given even less hope because she was told that Gabrielle’s chances of survival were less than fifty percent, but they could see she was a fighter. However, one thing they did not know was she had a mother and grandmother who were believers, and they had faith that God would control Gabrielle’s destiny and no one else.

As time went by, Gabrielle’s chances of survival grew greater, and with every cycle of time, her mother and grandmother’s prayers grew stronger, intense, and specific. As they prayed over Gabrielle’s life for her to be mentally sound, physically able to walk, and to possess the ability to communicate normally, they were able to witness God’s present-day miracle. Over the course of Gabrielle’s life, she learned to effectively communicate. She went from crawling for several years, too long, to walking with assistance and then walking on her own and becoming an exceptional honor roll student at school.

Despite the struggles of countless surgeries and encounters of bullying at school, Gabrielle kept her faith in God, a smile on her face, and her heart full of love. I am Gabrielle Harris, a twenty-eight-year-old survivor of cerebral palsy. I have overcome a lot of obstacles in my life, and I have used those trials to become a better servant for the Lord. I am a licensed youth evangelist, a stage production tech, and an advocate for people with special needs. In John 5:8, “Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.” No matter your challenge in life, believe in God’s Word and trust Him. My family and I trusted God and His Word; and as a result, I was able to rise and defeat the trials that stood in my way. If He blessed me, He will surely bless you!

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