Adventist Young Professionals Embark on Mission Trip to California

Young Professionals from 12 States Gather for Five Days of Service and Outreach in Los Angeles, California

By: Gabriel Saldaña, AYP Assistant to the President for Programming & Xiomara Perdomo, AYP Assistant to the President for Mission

Adventist Young Professionals (AYP) recently concluded an impactful mission trip to Los Angeles, California, where over the Labor Day weekend, young professionals from twelve states and seven unions of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist, passionately took on a transformative restoration project at Temple City Seventh-day Adventist Church. The initiative, operated by Build and Restore International (BRI), aimed to restore the Southern California Conference church and refreshed it with new paint as well as property enhancements that empower its future outreach endeavors.

Church Restoration

“The restoration of Temple City Church reflects the shared dedication of both AYP and BRI to rejuvenating community spaces and sparking hope,” says Ostap Dzyndra, president of BRI. “AYP’s enthusiasm and vision perfectly resonate with BRI’s mission of reconstructing and reviving.”

For Ryan Capotrio, a young adult from Florida, this trip served as an awakening journey to the profound impact of mission trips, even within the United States. It not only imparted practical skills, but it also reinforced his beliefs in the transformative power that a church restoration can have on the impact of a local congregation.

“This experience exceeded my expectations. I’m thankful to AYP for creating this opportunity for me to serve in a new way I’d never experienced before,” shared Capatrio. “I was able to learn new skills while restoring the church and developed friendships from different parts of the country.”

Service and Outreach

In addition to the restoration work, AYP members were able to share Jesus with the local community by praying with individuals and distributing glow tracts in several Los Angeles neighborhoods.

“Seeing the need in different communities has helped me build an appreciation for what I have in my life,” shared Estefanny Llanto, a business analyst from New Jersey. “Doing this work has helped me build bonds with new people and be part of a global community engaged in mission and service.”

Community and Networking

Beyond the work, young professional participants also bonded deeply through shared worship, collective prayer sessions, cherished moments in nature, and sightseeing some of Southern California’s most iconic locations. On Friday evening, the group opened the Sabbath with Los Angeles-based GTHR – a ministry of Advent Hope Ventures focused on reaching the unchurched in the inner city.

Chris Pubillones, a software engineer from Virginia, shared how the vespers program was special for him , “It was awesome to activate my faith, to connect with young professionals from an array of backgrounds, and to discuss Christ and scripture in such an engaging way.”

Tangible Impact

The work done over the weekend at Temple City Church and in the surrounding communities will enable the local Adventist congregation to extend its outreach programs and serve as a beacon of hope in the community. It tangibly demonstrates the power of collective effort and community spirit.

“The blessing and contribution of AYP to our church is invaluable,” shares Brett Poynter, pastor of Temple City SDA Church. “The sacrifice these young adults have made to spend their holiday weekend with us has inspired and encouraged our members in the ongoing work we do to meet the needs of those in our community.”

This mission trip exemplifies AYP’s ongoing commitment to service, community upliftment, and fostering spiritual growth among its members. Through endeavors like these, AYP continues to inspire young professionals to integrate faith into action, creating lasting impact in communities around the world.

“AYP mission trips are not just about renewing a building, but about reinvigorating a community,” shares Tim Kosaka, AYP President. “We’re humbled to inspire and equip over 7,500 young professionals across the globe through holistic community and resources. In this new season of ministry, we seek to further activate young professionals through missions, outreach, and service. I look forward to seeing how Christ uses his for His mission and actives young professionals from across the globe to work together in mission as we quickly approach Christ’s soon return.”

About Adventist Young Professionals

Adventist Young Professionals (AYP) is a global organization that fosters Christ-centered community through faith development, authentic connections, and ministry engagement. AYP globally unites and locally connects over 7,500 young professionals through a digital social network, virtual groups that foster intentional Christ-centered discussions, and local city-based chapters that collaborate with churches to facilitate spiritual gatherings, service activities, and social meetups. With an emphasis for missions, AYP seeks for all its programs to unite, engage, and inspire young people to glorify God. Beyond fostering intentional community, AYP educates young professionals for missional impact through an annual convention, mentorship, and inspirational devotional resources. For more information about Adventist Young Professionals, visit

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