His Plan Is So Much Better


The date was January 1, 2020. This was the year I had anxiously waited and worked so hard for. I was going to finish college, graduate, and start my life. I had everything lined up and everything would go seamlessly, or so I thought….

By March, it was a completely different story. The pandemic had canceled everything. It honestly felt like there was no light in sight. I got the call that I did not get the job for which I was in my last round of interviews. Graduation was can- celled. The end of my final year in school would be over a zoom call, and all of my other job inquiries fizzled out except one, summer camp. Now I had done camp ministry for six years, and I was not planning on doing it again, but God was calling me, and I said, yes.

This summer God moved in mighty ways. So many kids were led to the foot of the cross, and in turn, I fell in love with Jesus all over again. I got rebaptized underneath the stars, and in that moment I felt God wrapping me in His arms and reassuring me that He has a plan for me. Even in a global pandemic, God kept us all safe. I had no clue as to what was going to happen with my life once camp was done, but I left it all to God and just rested in Him. On July 31, I got a call from a church to be their associate marketing director. The job was to start August 17th, and in two weeks, God blessed and set up every step for me to begin this new journey.

One Bible verse that helped me so much was Proverbs 3:5-6. All God asks us to do is to trust and acknowledge Him. He directed my paths, and His plan was so much better than mine. My challenge to you is simple; no matter what season of your life you are in, give it all to Him, and watch God work for you!

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