Divine Appointments


A few weeks ago, I was taking public transportation to the airport when a young professional sitting beside me saw the AYP sticker on my luggage and asked me “are you Adventist”? Apparently, this individual’s parents had wanted their kids to have a Christian education, and living near an Adventist academy, he had attended one of our schools during high-school despite not being an Adventist.

Over the following hour, riding the metro subway, we engaged in conversation, speaking about life, career, and faith. We discussed things that interested us, we talked about our church communities and how our church families shaped who we are, we learned about each other’s perspectives on religion and God. I was blessed with the opportunity to listen to his story and to have the chance to share my faith.

When we eventually reached our destinations, we went our separate ways. However, we departed with new insight and perspective – one that I hope sparks seeds for the Kingdom.

As I reflect on this conversation, I am reminded that it was initiated simply by an AYP sticker on my luggage that spelled out my faith. Furthermore, I realized that each of us interact with dozens of people each day, and if we allow God to use us as His disciple, the opportunities to share His love are beyond our imagination.

So in the next few weeks, as you are shopping for Christmas gifts or traveling to see loved ones, I urge you to to pray that God might open door for divine appointments so you might help plant seed for the Kingdom! Furthermore, I urge you to ensure that in every interaction, you portray yourself in a manner that represents Jesus.


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