Discovering the Power of Prayer


Embarking on a journey of faith often begins with a heartfelt plea to the Divine—a moment when uncertainty meets the quiet assurance of guidance. For Xiomara Perdomo, Assistant to the President for Mission, prayer became a compass during pivotal decisions, like choosing her career path amidst a sea of possibilities in college.

In the quiet corners of our lives, where words spoken to God carry the weight of our hopes and fears, prayer becomes a profound journey of faith.

Josue Hernandez, leader of the AYP Prayer Room, invites us into his personal odyssey with prayer—a journey that began amidst the heartfelt petitions of others at GYC years ago. Through his experiences, Josue discovered not only the attentive ear of God but also His mighty power to transform lives through prayer.

Being part of the AYP Prayer Room community has not only deepened Josue’s spiritual connection but has also fostered a space of shared wisdom, accountability, and divine encounters. In this video transcript, Josue reflects on poignant moments of answered prayer, the growth of his faith, and offers encouragement to those navigating their own prayer journeys.

Speaker: Josue Hernandez , AYP Prayer Room Leader

Josue Hernandez: Prayer for me started at GYC a couple of years ago. And I remember hearing all the different prayers and all the different um requests going up to God. And it showed me not only how God listens to every little prayer and big prayer, but just how powerful He is. And that just started a whole journey of prayer for me.

Josue Hernandez: Being part of the AYP prayer room has been life changing for me. Not only can I draw out different life experiences and wisdoms and apply them to my own struggles. But also there’s a certain amount of accountability um that goes into it and being in communion daily with God and with others who are also going to God. It creates a fire for Him.

Josue Hernandez: There have been so many times when people have joined prayer with silent and heavy hearts, um and others unknowingly give the answer that they needed. There’s also been times when we play, prayed the big and heavy prayers. Um but it’s encouraging to see how even those get answered.

Josue Hernandez: Being part of the Prayer Room has led to so much spiritual growth. Um not only have I learned how to pray, but learned how to pray deeper prayers. Um Overall, every time I join, and the more I participate, the closer I am to God and the deeper my relationship is with Him.

Josue Hernandez: I would say to give God a chance and be intentional about it. The beautiful thing about prayer is that God is always ready and willing to hear us even when we seem far away from Him. Another thing is to join a group like ours um where you can grow alongside others towards Christ. Um because strength and um faith will come from it.

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