Countdown to Heaven


My dad had just finished his theological studies at Andrews University, and I want to believe the thrilling Bible story of Jephthah (Judges 11) had caught his attention. Hence, I received this Hebrew name – Jephthah. It means to open, or more intently, to instigate and pioneer. My testimony has a huge debt to my upbringing. My mom was one of the greatest motivators in my childhood. She would often say: “My son, one day you will be a pilot. I believe in you.” To seal this dream, my father instilled in us as a family an honor for the principles of Gethsemane and one anotherness. Gethsemane is a designated prayer place where our battles are won. When I sat down to plan to pursue my dream of becoming a mission pilot at Andrews University, I witnessed a myriad of miracles.

During my enrollment at Andrews, I battled the famous struggle of almost every international student (finances).
And yes, my human nature often forgot how God had struck open the Atlantic Ocean for a teenage boy. As if my cup was not overloaded with finances, my aviation journey was train- smashed. I had a life-threatening experience during the second semester of my freshman year and was admitted to the ICU. After this experience and many other indications, I was convicted to add religion as a second major to my aviation flight, hence, activating my ministerial calling to complement aviation! My journey still seemed clouded, but I found joy in serving others. The acronym of Wintley Phipps: “Helping People Live Their Potential (HPLTP),” inspired me in 2017 to help pioneer Watchmen (an a cappella group) and establish the JN Achievers Award (an academic excellence award in partnership with my alma maters). In the most crucial times when I thought I had come to the end of the road in my financial difficulties, Psalm 37:25 remained true. I was able to graduate only because of the answered prayers, and God opened a door into His vineyard to allow me to serve in the Ontario Conference of the SDA Church in Canada (2019).

The glimpse of my testimony is pivoted on a significant truth. Jude 24 ties my words all together as it echoes that God has the whole world in His hands. Our Creator has a desire to empower His people beyond survival mode and to enable them to thrive now as they await to thrive eternally! Remember, you are not growing young, so pick yourself up now, pray and start doing something positive today or die regretting not doing anything.

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