Chopped Guavas


“Call unto me and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things. which thou knowest not” (Jeremiah 33:3). KJV

It was 2009 when I decided to become a SULADS missionary. Though I was still seventeen years old during that time, the thought that I would be leaving my family and my comfort zone did not stop the excitement that I felt to teach and share the gospel to the indigenous people of Bukidnon, Philippines. So when the day that my partner and I were instructed to go to our assigned mission school for the first time, we hurriedly started our three-hour hike after lunch with prayer, but without asking for a guide from the locals.

The sun was still out when we happily and excitedly started hiking up the mountains to the mission school, bringing all our personal stuffs and necessities for a month. We were so sure that we would arrive before 5 in the afternoon because we thought that there is only one road to be taken, and we would never be confused on the trail. As the time passed, we started to notice that the hotness of the sun slowly disappeared and the clouds started to turned gray until the rain finally started to fell on our faces. It was almost 5 pm, and it seemed that we were still not halfway to the mission school.

The things we were bringing started to become heavier because they were already soaked in rain, and aside from being tired of hiking for more than three hours, we started to get goosebumps due to the coldness of the wind and rain. One thing we were sure of, we were lost in the middle of the mountain full of sawgrass without anyone from the locals to be called for help. The night was coming, and there were only a few options that we could consider: continue our unsure journey, go back to where we started our hike, or stop hiking and just sleep for a night in the rain.

Before we made our decision, we prayed first and asked for God’s guidance and wisdom. While we prayed, I was reminded how God guided the Israelites on their journey to Canaan with the pillars of fire and cloud. That was when I told God what was on my mind: “Lord keep Your promise in Jeremiah 33:3.” After the prayer we decided to continue our journey. In the distance, we suddenly saw some chopped Guavas, and that was when I remembered what I uttered on my mind. We did not know who chopped them and left them on the ground, but we were sure that it was God’s miracle that brought us to the mission school safe and sound.

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