Brave in Service


I love the story of Rebekah in Genesis 24, which shows us the characteristics of a true servant and provides us with an example that we can follow in our lives as Christ’s hands and feet.

I believe that when we exhibit a heart for service, we will naturally and joyfully showcase Jesus to those we encounter. We will serve others expecting nothing in return, and as a result, God will bless us abundantly. With brave hearts, Christ will guide us to:

  • Be Eager to Serve Others – Don’t Drag Your Feet
  • Go the Extra Mile – Do More Than You Are Asked
  • Showcase Responsiveness – Act When a Need Arises
  • Impact with a Committed Spirit – Be Diligent Even When the Task is Hard
  • Serve From Start Through Completion – Don’t Quit When Obstacles Arise

We are surrounded by callings to serve Christ and others. As you encounter opportunities to be a servant for Christ, ask God to cleanse your heart, make you brave, and fill you with a renewed spirit – ready to say “Yes” to whatever He asks of you!

I pray that you are blessed in a new and powerful way.

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