Anchored in faith


In the tapestry of our lives, storms are inevitable. Growing up in the Sunshine State, hurricanes were a regular part of that narrative. The year 2004 stands out in some of my earliest memories, marked by a Category 4 hurricane that decided to rearrange our small town. Even though I was only four years old I still remembering the raging winds. At 90 mile-per-hour speeds the winds had no issue tackling the towering palm trees and turning them into toothpick-like debris, a spectacle we witnessed huddled in our dark hallway with a battery-powered TV.

Our lives, like those palm trees, stand tall in fair weather, seemingly invincible, until the storms hit. These storms threaten to uproot the very foundations we’ve built. It’s in these moments that we grasp the depth of our need for a solid and unwavering foundation.

This hurricane analogy becomes a mirror reflecting the life’s storms and the reminder that what we choose as our foundation matters. It’s a call to consider Christ as the foundation upon which we build our lives. Hurricanes will come, but with Christ as our foundation, we can weather the fiercest winds. He is our shelter in the storm, the anchor holding us firm when everything else seems in chaos.

So, what are the applicable takeaways for us in the face of life’s  hurricanes? Firstly, it’s okay to acknowledge the storms. Sometimes when life gets hectic, I try to ignore it and hope that it will blow over. But some things won’t just breeze by, and its okay to sit down a recognize that things are not going well. Jesus didn’t promise us a perfect life, but He did promise to be with us always. Don’t pretend storms don’t exist; instead, confront them head-on with the assurance that your foundation is secure.

Secondly, strengthen your foundation daily. Regular maintenance is key to a sturdy structure. Likewise, invest time in strengthening your relationship with Christ through prayer, meditation, and studying His word. It’s an ongoing process that fortifies your foundation against the storms lurking on the horizon.

Lastly, lean into community. In a hurricane, we huddle together for safety. Similarly, surround yourself with a community of believers who can support, encourage, and pray with you. Together, we can withstand the storms that seek to shake our foundations.

Life’s hurricanes are going to come, but with Christ as our foundation and a community by our side, we can rest assured that we can face them with unwavering faith and resilience.

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