12 Innovative Ways To Fundraise For Your Young Adult Ministry


Young adult ministry is a critical aspect of any church, and Adventist Young Professionals’ (AYP) chapters and groups strive to create spaces for young professionals from various church communities to do life together as they grow closer to Christ and serve those around them.

With tight budgets and limited resources, funding for such programs can often be a challenge and young adult ministries may struggle to find ways to finance their gatherings and initiatives.

Fortunately, there are many innovative fundraising ideas that can help you raise money while sharing your faith. Whether you are looking to raise money for an upcoming project or to help your group attend a ministry conference such as the AYP Convention, here are a dozen innovative ways to fundraise for your church’s next young adult initiative:

  1. Host a charity auction. Ask your church members to donate items such as artwork, jewelry, and other items that can be auctioned off to raise funds.
  2. Organize a bake sale. Ask members of the congregation to bake and donate their goods to sell at a church fundraiser.
  3. Create a crowdfunding campaign. Use online platforms such as GoFundMe to raise money for your young adult ministry. This is especially effective for mission trips and outreach projects.
  4. Host a community talent show at your church. Encourage members of the community to showcase their talents, with proceeds going towards the young adult ministry.
  5. Sell books. Canvassing raises funds while spreading the Gospel. Collaborate with your local Christian book store to build your collection, then knock on your doors to share Christ and raise funds in the process.
  6. Organize a car wash. Set up a car wash in the church parking lot, with proceeds going towards the young adult ministry.
  7. Host a charity walk or 5K run. Encourage members of the congregation and the community to participate in a charity walk/run to raise funds. Ask a local organization to sponsor the event.
  8. Sell handmade arts and crafts. Ask members of the congregation to create and donate handmade arts and crafts, which can be sold to raise funds. Consider including a flyer with each item that features an inspiring story of how God is working through your church.
  9. Host a faith-based movie or trivia night. Charge admission for a movie screening or trivia night, with proceeds going towards the young adult ministry.
  10. Organize a garage sale. Ask members of the congregation to donate items to sell at a garage sale, with proceeds going towards the young adult ministry. Host in the church parking lot as an easy way to welcome community members to your church.
  11. Host a pancake breakfast or community barbecue. Charge admission, with proceeds going towards the young adult ministry. Encourage young adults to develop friendships with church members and guests.
  12. Host a charity concert. Invite local musicians to perform at a charity concert. This is a great opportunity to introduce Christ to the local community while raising fund to advance ministry.

Beyond raising funds for your young adult ministry, these initiatives provide excellent opportunities to interact with your community and to share Christ in the process. Plus, as you collaborate with church members of all ages, your church has the opportunity to grow together.

What are ways you have raised money for your church or a cause you care about? Share your ideas below and start fundraising today!

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