About AYP

Adventist Young Professionals is a global hub for Seventh-day Adventist young adults!

Founded in fall of 2019, AYP has grown to a community of young Adventists from 100+ countries who believe in a culture of collaboration, innovation, and ambition centered around Christ! Our resources, groups, and local chapters minister to our members with the whole person in mind. Get involved today!

Who We Are


Adventist Young Professionals exist to foster Christ-centered community through faith development, authentic connections,  and ministry engagement.


Adventist Young Professionals seeks to be a global network of local communities that unites, engages, and inspires Seventh-day Adventist professionals to glorify God.


Adventist Young Professionals values discipleship grounded on growing in faith, living in integrity, and serving in love.

AYP is a 501C3 non-profit organization foundation on the teachings of the Bible and the values of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Below is a brief overview (extracted from Adventist.org) of the values Adventists uphold.

Seventh-day Adventists are a global family of Christians who hold the Bible as the ultimate authority. There are, however, a few distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from many other Christian denominations.

  • Adventists look to Jesus Christ alone for salvation.
  • Adventists believe the Bible introduces you to God.
  • Adventists acknowledge the call to be unique, or “set apart” from the world.
  • Adventists uphold the importance of the 4th commandment, the Seventh-day Sabbath, even today.
  • Adventists have a rich history, fueled by a renewed emphasis on rigorous Bible study.
    The Adventist Church today believes in action.
  • The goal is eternal life with Jesus Christ.

Learn more about Seventh-day Adventists at Adventist.org.

AYP is led by a team of over 60 volunteers passionate about fostering Christ-centered community through faith development, authentic connections,  and ministry engagement. The team is organized into the following ministry teams focused on empowering innovation and ambition in the next generation of our Church’s leaders.

Meet our leadership team at AYP.me/About/Leadership.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the strategic goals and objectives of Adventist Young Professionals and for selecting leaders and setting organizational governance. The Board is led by the Chairman of the Board who also serves as the President and the Vice Chairman of the Board who also serves as Vice President.


The Presidential team is responsible for implementing the strategic goals and objectives set forth by the Board of Directors and oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization. The president’s team is responsible for the success and growth of all other AYP teams.


The Finance team is responsible for ensuring the financial and operational wellbeing of AYP. Responsibilities include bookkeeping, government relations, budgeting, and legal.


The Development team is responsible for developing new funding opportunities for AYP. They lead the organization’s fundraising, strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and sales.

Human Relations

The Human Relations team is responsible for the recruitment of team members, group leaders, and area coordinators. They manage the onboarding, training, engagement, and – when needed – termination of all AYP personnel. The goal of the Human Relations team is to grow team members for their ministry calling – both within and beyond AYP.


The Marketing team is responsible for the image of AYP including advertising, branding, communication, market research, and public relations. This team serves as a resource to AYP’s teams and oversees AYP’s website, social media platforms and branded materials.


The chapters team is responsible for strategizing and implementing plans that localize the organization in target cities. The chapters team also helps global leadership to remain in-touch with the perspectives of the organization’s diverse constituents. Responsibilities range from mentoring area coordinators, collaborating with marketing and programming to develop resource packs, and developing relationships with church and community leaders.


The Groups team is responsible for strategizing and implementing AYP’s virtual events and resources. This team provides structure and resources to the organization’s virtual groups.


The Convention team is responsible for planning the annual AYP Convention. This team collaborates with all other teams to create an experience that unites and grows AYPers from across the globe as disciples of Christ.

Over the next two years, AYP will continue to grow communities across the globe. Additionally, we will expand our emphasis on missions and outreach, and will launch new resources to equip young professionals to actively share Christ and integrate into loving Adventist churches. It’s our prayer that God will allow these programs and resources to impact thousands for Him.

Explore our goals below and dig deeper at AYP.me/About/Strategy.

Growing in Faith
  • Cultivate chapters in major population hubs across North America and across the world.
  • Establish and grow virtual groups with leaders from all corners of the world.
  • Expand the AYP Convention to be the premier gathering of Adventist young professionals in North America.
Living in Integrity
  • Grow new and existing financial streams to support the hiring of supporting staff and grow programs by July 2025.
  • Expand the global brand recognition, engagement, and advocacy for AYP.
  • Foster a culture that enables inreach and outreach to coexist, serving as a catalyst to engage young professionals as active members of a local Adventist church.
Serving in Love
  • Share Christ locally and internationally through mission trips and outreach projects.
  • Grow a thriving global team of young professionals to advance the mission of AYP.
  • Improve operational processes through training and mentorship for new and existing team members.
  • Develop, implement, and adapt volunteer engagement strategies that showcase appreciation to volunteers for their dedication to the ministry, increase team comradery, and support every volunteer as a growing Christian leader.

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Who We Serve

Adventist Young Professionals  primarily serve individuals in their 20s-30s who are growing in faith, embarking on their career, and seeking opportunities in their personal, professional and spiritual journey.

Meet Our Members
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Keynote Speaker

Benjamin Lundquist, host of Rise & Lead, will headline 2023 AYP Convention.

Benjamin Lundquist is a top motivational speaker and one the leading voices for leadership development and empowerment. He is passionate about helping students and professionals see their worth and value, see themselves as a leader, and see their potential to change the world. The message he shares is motivating, relatable, and highly practical. Audiences are challenged to take extreme ownership of the unique gifts and opportunities they have. He is an international speaker and host of Rise and Lead Podcast which has been downloaded in over 110 countries providing aspiring and experienced leaders of all ages with world-class content and conversation. He frequently speaks at corporate and faith events, universities, and high schools.

Identity in Christ | Breakout Track

April is currently an associate pastor for discipleship at Keene SDA church. She is enrolled in a dual graduate program for Public Health and MDIV chaplaincy. She enjoys working with different ministries that highlight service, hospitality, and life enrichment. 

Her hobbies include traveling, reading, music, and extreme sports. An introvert at heart, she enjoys moments with close friends and in the quiet. Her and her husband, Blake Snyder reside in Burleson, Texas.

Purpose & Calling | Breakout Track

Ann Roda likes to describe her life as one long adventure with God. She began her career as a registered nurse in OB then transitioned into healthcare administration. Then, God unexpectedly redirected her path to the Adventist Theological Seminary, for an MDiv, and into pastoral ministry. She spent 15 years as a church pastor in Marietta, Georgia and Fulton, Maryland. Six years ago, God had another adventure for Ann, and called her back into the health care ministry, serving with Adventist HealthCare as Vice President for Mission and Spiritual Care. 

This position is the perfect combination of both pastoral ministry and health care. Ann is married to Jose Hernandez, a licensed professional counselor. Ann and her husband enjoy hiking, biking, and traveling.

Relationships | Breakout Track

Stephen and Felecia Lee are partners in the mission. They share a mutual passion for young adult ministries and using their talents to share the Gospel online and through speaking engagements. Stephen helps individuals and businesses function more efficiently through time management and productivity techniques. Felecia is a full-time homemaker and also the founder of the New Wives Club. 

In addition to this, she runs a program teaching women of color how to learn principles of faith through natural hair care. They live in New Hampshire and speak in different places on topics related to singleness, courtship, communication, evangelism, and faith.

Spiritual Health | Breakout Track

Shawn is passionate about generations coming together! She grew up in a four-generation family business and knows, from first-hand experience, that when people of all ages work together, everyone wins!

She has a B.S. in marketing from the University of Nebraska and is an award-winning sales and marketing professional. Her professional certifications include being a member of the John Maxwell Team and DISC Behavioral Consultant. Recently she published her first book “Strategies for Generational Inclusion at Work.”

Communities | Breakout Track

Michael Gibson currently serves as the Lead Pastor at the Keene SDA Church where he most previously served for four years as Pastor for Young Adults and lead Elevate, a growing and thriving young adult community in Keene. Michael is married to Melissa and they both enjoy the outdoors, long walks, and traveling to new, unexplored places. 

Most days, when he’s not teaching, preaching or studying, you’ll find him playing disc golf or working on home renovations with Melissa. They recently welcomed their son, Micah Eden, into the world last October and ever since, life has taken on a whole new meaning. Above all, Michael and Melissa have a passion for discipleship and telling others about the incredible God they serve. For them, the gospel boils down to loving God and loving people.